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Was ist eine Fallarmmarkise?

Drop arm awning

A drop arm awning is a type of awning that is supported by vertical arms. These arms, also called «drop arms,» ​​are attached to the top crossbar of the awning and can be angled downward or slightly outward. The drop arm awning is designed to be flexibly adjusted to achieve the desired shade and coverage.

Here are some features and functions of a drop arm awning:


  1. Drop arm awning assembly
    Fall-arm awnings Bern

    Vertical arms:

    • The drop arms are attached to the top pole of the awning and can extend downwards.
  2. Flexible setting:

    • The inclination of the arms allows for flexible adjustment of the shadow cast. Depending on your needs, the arms can be adjusted to different angles.
  3. Shade and privacy protection:

    • Drop-arm awnings not only provide shade, but also serve as privacy screens. They can protect from prying eyes while creating a pleasant outdoor environment.
  4. Manual or motorized operation:

    • Drop arm awnings can be operated manually by turning a crank, or they can be motorized, meaning they can be electrically controlled and automated.
  5. Fabric selection:

    • The fabric of the awning can be made of various materials such as acrylic, polyester or other weather-resistant materials.
  6. Variations in design:

    • There are different design variations of drop arm awnings, from classic to modern styles. The choice often depends on the aesthetic preferences of the user and the architecture of the building.


  1. Window awnings:

    • Drop-arm awnings are often installed over windows to provide interior shade while providing some privacy.
  2. Balcony awnings:

    • They can also be used for balconies to create a pleasant outdoor shade area.
  3. Patio awnings:

    • Installed on terraces, drop-arm awnings offer flexible sun and privacy protection for outdoor areas.
  4. Gastronomy areas:

    • In restaurants and cafes, drop arm awnings are often used on patios or porches to create a comfortable outdoor area for guests.

The adjustment of the drop arms allows precise control of the shadow cast, making it a versatile solution for various architectural requirements. The choice between manual and motorized operation depends on individual preferences and desired comfort level.

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